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2019's New Build

For the basis of our 2019 build we are starting with a 1975 non sunroof coupe. Originally the car was Sepia brown over a tan interior and we found the car a few years ago looking forlorn literally on it tireless wheels in someones driveway. I responded to an ad on craigslist that stated it was an original owner car that needed a complete restoration, boy they were not kidding. We were building the Orange Crush at the time so this has been hibernating in the trailer the past few years. I have been buying up parts here and there over the course of time and finally we are getting started.

For this build we will be using Kirk Schreffler and his team at Eurosport in San Diego. My father in law Benny Flores usually does all my work but he was just to busy to get the car done in time for Monterey this year. It is a difficult thing to hand over control to your baby but Kirk has been in the business for a long time and specializes in European car restoration and has won numerous awards with clients cars as well as having had a car on the lawn at Pebble Beach. It was not easy at first to put your trust in an unknown to yourself, but we have built up a great relationship over the past year, attending many events and hanging out at the shop. I fully trust Eurosport and sleep well knowing they will take care of even the smallest details.

First order of business was to get the car stripped down and on a cart and over to the shop and up on the Cellette bench to check for a straight "foundation" One of the first things we had to address was the rear seats that looked to have been pierced by a forklift possibly and a portion in the engine compartment that holds the rubber engine seal had suffered from the same trauma. While we had the seat area out we decided to weld in the mounts that will allow us to run the 911 Turbo trailing arms. On this chassis we will be using a complete turbo suspension, including the steering rack, brakes, and all arms that were taken out of an 86 turbo. All the parts are being refinished to new spec including sending out the original struts and rear shocks to Bilstein to be revalved.

Kirk was a little skeptical of the car as it was mostly in an old (that is an understatement) coat of gray primer. But once all the metal was chemically stripped he was astounded at how nice the chassis was and how little the car has been damaged or rusted.

We have sourced the engine that was initially built by Mark Kinninger at Black Forest that has done quite a bit of work for us in the past. It was just refreshed and has 0 hours other than dyno time. It is a 3.8 with Mahle Motorsport piston and cylinders, Carillo rods, RSR cams and Aase springs and Ti retainers. The induction system consists of Jenvey ITB and manifolds and it had an Electromotive engine management when we received it. That will all be discarded in favor of a new Motec system with coil on plug system by Rasant, and a GT3 exhaust.

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