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Just got back from an amazing week in Monterey! Great meeting all the pelicans and new friends. A quick rundown of the week, started out Tuesday in Carmel at the concours on the avenue( I was not in the event but parked right outside), Wednesday dropped car at the jet center for the McCall's Motorworks Revival, I would like to thank thank Gordon McCall and Jeff Palhegyi for that!!! Then drove around to some of the auctions and back at 4:00 for the party and what a party. Thursday got a late start and then off toBonhams and preview some beautiful cars. Next Baja Cantina and then down to the Quail for a preview of what was to come Friday. While we were in the Porsche Zentrum having refreshments, I noticed on the big screen Porsche had selected several photos of my car a few days earlier at the carmel concours and had them on their site, I thought that was cool!

Friday I had the car entered in the concours at werks reunion. Being my first ever concours event, I was not prepared for much and after seeing the competition, I had thought I was out of the running for 1st. The car was really well received by the crowd and I would like to thank everyone I spoke to for the kind words, but decided to go have a few drinks and met some really nice guys and settled into drinking away at the beer garden? when I got a call from someone saying they were a judge and asked if I could come back to the car to talk about it with him. So saying aloha to my new found friends I went back and Bruce had told me that he had selected my car for the Michelin sponsor choice award for the best car wearing Michelins, in his opinion. I was ecstatic we spoke a little more and then had Car Throttle film a short video which will be on youtube soon. I was asked to line my car up on the field and upon getting it out there an official approached me and said "it's your lucky day go buy a lotto ticket" as he let me know I had just won 1st in class in the outlaw division.

It was an amazing feeling getting all these kudos for the car on its first outing. Like to thank everyone that helped with getting the car to this state as it was a lot to get it done as quickly as we did. Benny Flores for outstanding paint and body and fabrication, besides being a hell of a father in law! Abe and Jeremy Mena for the incredible metal finish work, Jae Lee for an incredible engine package and suspension setup, Mark Kinninger for final engine and carb tuning. My boys Ty for just being there and helping a lot of late nites on every and anything that came up and Mark for the electrical sorting. All the suppliers, Glenn at Pelican Parts, Paul at Braid, RKR for tires, Dennis on the board here for the wiring harness and everyone that I am sure I am forgetting, MAHALO NUI LOA Saturday was a fun day at Pebble Beach and preview the Gooding sale, then over to the Mecum sale for a bit before going back to Gooding for the sale the high point was the $16,500,000 59 California Spyder and for Porsche the 79 Hawaiian Tropic, Paul Newman 935 lemans winner in class at $4,500,000

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