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About Dave

From an early age,  Daves interest in cars was all-consuming.  Growing up with a Step Father who was in the car business gave him both the opportunity and the resources to learn everything about the industry.  


In 1977 he bought his first car,  a 1960 Corvair.  Working on that car was more of a necessity than a choice.  If he wanted wheels that ran,  he had to do the work.  


It didn't take long before he started working on customizing his cars. As a teenager, If he wasn't out surfing,  you could always find him in the garage working on his cars. Whether it was a VW Bug or a Porshe 914,  once he got them running,  he'd quickly moved on to customizing and upgrading their body and interiors.


Dave has been buying,  restoring and selling cars for nearly 40 years.  His extensive knowledge of the industry gives him unique opportunities to build amazing cars.


Moving from his native state of Hawaii to California,  Dave currently resides in San Diego with his wife Jessye and their son, Kai.





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